Product Care


Put your jewellery on last, after creams, make-up or fragrances for the perfect finishing touch to your look.


Keep your jewellery sparkling by using a very soft brush dipped in soapy water, then carefully rinsing and drying with a soft cloth. Jewellery with pearls, emeralds or fabric, however, requires more careful care.


Jewellery should be stored flat and separate from each other, ideally in a box or a pouch.

What to avoid

Jewellery can become fragile when you lift or carry heavy objects. You should refrain from wearing jewellery to the gym, while gardening or to the sauna.

Cleaning and checking

Jewellery should be cleaned and checked regularly to make sure the setting and stones are all good order. Some of the settings are very small and even the smallest impact can cause damage. How often to check and clean depends on frequency of wear.