Over the years, we have taken immense pleasure in hosting a diverse array of luncheons accompanied by captivating jewellery masterclasses, held in prestigious venues worldwide. Our events showcase breathtaking gems and jewels, where we share our passion and knowledge, all while offering personalized bespoke service.

Our overarching mission is to enlighten, empower, and inspire affluent women, equipping them with the confidence to make well-informed decisions when acquiring gemstones. Our objective is to assist them in curating distinctive, rare, and aesthetically pleasing jewellery collections that not only serve as exquisite adornments but also as astute and well-considered investments. We aspire to challenge the traditional perception that jewellery is merely bestowed upon individuals, encouraging modern-day women to take charge of their own decisions.

Attendance at our events is strictly by invitation, reserved for dedicated jewellery enthusiasts, steadfast supporters, and discerning collectors, ensuring a level of discretion and exclusivity.

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