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Carina Valner, founder of Jewel Connoisseur, has over two decades of experience working with clients around the world. Creating unique, stunning pieces of jewellery while providing a personalised bespoke service. Carina collaborates with some of the world’s leading jewellery houses and represents some of these brands internationally. Building close partnership with clients and ensuring their satisfaction with their finished jewels has long been a passion and way of life for Ms. Valner. Many clients now choose to work exclusively with Ms. Valner when designing or purchasing their jewellery and some clients have done so for well over a decade.
Carina works intimately with the world’s finest and most talented craftsmen, designers and precious and semi-precious gem specialists. Her professional relationships with these individuals ensure timely, highest quality and cost-effective manufacturing of the exact jewellery desired by customers.
While Jewel Connoisseur offers jewellery from select brands which Ms. Valner represents, she also, and proudly, focuses on bespoke pieces she designs alongside the client. Throughout the design and manufacturing process, the communication is open and Ms Valner provides a 7-days a week service for clients, ensuring they are always comfortable and able to create the most perfect and personalised item.
As opposed to other jewellers, Jewel Connoisseur’s main aim is to adapt, create and source the jewellery most customers only dream of.
With a no obligation introduction appointment, you will see that Jewel Connoisseur will ensure finding your next piece of jewellery is a pleasure rather than a chore.

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